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Telescope Thieves - Waves (1994)
How Green - Oh Hey Garden
Adapt - Nieva en Fukushima
Ian G. - You & Me
Pulshar - Jungle Fever
Hirotaka Miyamoto - Sun Glider
Sensual Physics - Illusion or Reality
Dublicator - Burning Echoes (Pulshar Remake)
Meterius Johnson - She is an explorer
Pablo Bolivar - New Order feat Mastra
S.Physics - Careless (Iron Curtis Remix)
Mikkel Metal - Lommer (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
Kokong - Jawari (Dactilar Dub Edit)
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To celebrate Avantroots’ 5th anniversary, we’ve set out to complete the always difficult task of selecting the best tracks that embody the label’s trademark mix of deep house, electro, dubstep, idm, and ambient. The title of the compilation, Waves, is no accident and further serves to reaffirm the label’s mantra, “Past + Future = Present.” Avantroots, just like a wave, moves forwards or backwards but always returns to its original position, its state of rest, its roots.

The 14-track compilation, featuring some of our favorite selections, also serves as an introduction for those who don’t know us yet. Waves takes a peek at the label’s future with three tracks of new and unreleased material by the newly-signed How Green, Sensual Physics, and Avantroots founders, Pulshar.

What’s more, you can ride the wave of anticipation into upcoming releases with the included continuous mix by Pulshar–truly an indication of the best that is yet to come.


Note: The download bundle also contains the continuous mix by Pulshar.


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Download Hi-Quality Mp3 Album Various Artists - Waves Compilation