Voodoo Music Vol.1

  • Aphro / Voodoo Music Vol.1
La machine
Deep in the night
Zulu hour
En que falle
If the pain could help me (feat. Ian G.)
The white buffalo
Yesterday is here
The wild bunch
Comic funk
To sing
The battle ends
Saudade (outro)

Hangover days can be taken advantage of in many ways. You can watch movies, contemplate life, eat junk food without guilt, or make music without any pressure, in a deep and personal way.

Sergio S. Vidal, (1/2 of Pulshar and a.k.a. Vidall – his moniker for making house music) did so between 2014 and 2015 to exorcize his demons and dive into the aphrodisiac essence of darkness, allowing himself to be inspired by his love for 70s horror films . Mario Bava, Darío Argento, Roger Corman or Jess Franco, and many other teachers knew how to create dense and hypnotic atmospheres, those atmospheres that musicians such as Piero Piccioni, David Axelrod, and Piero Umiliani could paint with their notes. This legacy was taken up by beatmakers like DJ Shadow, DJ Cam and even Portishead, and are the references that are evident in “Voodoo Music Vol. 1″ Sergio tries to “make hip hop like house and house like hip hop”, and the listener can feel it in this album. Working just with his laptop and iPhone, and hundreds of samples, much in the same way that he makes his collages, he plays with layers looking for the perfect blend.

“Voodoo Music” is dripping with short tracks, one after another, almost without pause, creating a movie that encourages the listener to construct their own images. Welcome to Aphro´s motion soundtrack.”