The Device 12″

  • Vidall & Dactilar / The Device 12″
The Device
Part Of Me
Nobody Knows
Indeed (Martin Buttrich Remix)
The Device (Guti Remix)
The Device (Guti Ambient Remix)
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“One year ago, the team formed by Vidall (aka Aphro) and Dactilar unleashed a John Lee Hooker cover/bootleg upon the world called “Nobody Knows.” The idea of dance music with a message is not paid much heed on the scene today but this concept has been the driving force behind their debut EP.

The title track, “The Device,” is a sophisticated slow dub house track containing a Herbie Hancock interview where we hear him respond to the question, how would you explain what a piano is to an alien? The next track, “Indeed” is a refreshing, powerful vocal house track that will force you out of your seat, and the insightful voice of Marvin Gaye grabs you and never lets go, as he speaks about show business over funk beats that crescendo into sonic emotion in “Part Of Me.”

This evocative debut also features remixes by artists/friends who share the same exigence for their life’s passion: music. It’s no easy feat to have two heavyweights like Martin Buttrich and Guti on the same wax, but AR pulled it off. The “maestro” Martin supplies with “Indeed Remix” a groovy dancefloor hit with elegant vibes, while Guti delivers two remixes of “The Device”–a profound trip reminiscent of the hypnotic african rhythms, and a delightfully ambient tune to perfectly close out one of the most exciting EPs of the year.”


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Selected Feedbacks


Bloc Party (Kele Okereke)
“Nice! ” 4/5

Nick Warren
“Great release, digging both of Guti ́s mixes but the highlight for me “Nobody Knows” 5/5

Crazy P (Danielle Moore)
“Absolutely gorgeous. Love all the tracks. Haunting soulful…love! ” 4/5

Neil Quigley
“The press release wasn ́t lying when saying this is one of the EPs of the year. Each and every track is sublime brilliant, brilliant, brilliant release” 5/5

Adam Beyer
“Good stuff. Guti Remix for me” 4/5

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
“Martin! ” 4/5

Monika Kruse
“very nice grooves!” 4/5

Slam (Orde Meikle)
“Strong release thanks” 4/5

Willy Kasper (Fiakun)
“The Device & Indeed originals are really lovely, otherwise the remixes are cool too but prefer originals” 5/5

Konrad Black
“Slick and sleazy just the way I like it…” 5/5

Pablo Bolivar
“My men did it! beautiful, well produced and solid EP, i am really proud of this one, thanks brothas!

Davide Squillace
“Awesome remixes!” 5/5

“Brilliant stuff. Indeed (both versions) is a belter. Thanks” 4/5

Catz ́n Dogz
“Indeed” 5/5

“Always liked Avantroots and this is no exception lovely stuff, definitely grabbing to support!” 4/5

“Guti Remix is great!” 4/5

“Martin Buttrich, classy as ever” 4/5



Download Hi Quality Mp3 EP/Single Vidall & Dactilar - The Device