Oh Verdure Oh Verdure

  • How Green / Oh Verdure
All I can say
Mundane days
Do honey
The romance
The toast
Day wander
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Colorful, psychedelic, unpredictable, exotic and 3-dimensional. These are just a few tags that define the music and cover artwork of the outstanding release from Australian producer Jesse Schuppan a.k.a. How Green.

Inside this groovy-oriented, instrumental hip-hop album, the listener can experience a world full of beautiful arrangements in the style of psych-jazz funk a la Kool & The Gang´s “Summer Madness,” delicate female voices, contorted beats, low-pitch claps and tropical breeze that creates a parallel universe where this talented artist invites you to delight in his phenomenal musical gift.

Diving just the right amount of sideways into a lush pool of beats music, Jesse explores a dreamscape of dusty, expansive, pulsating, experimental hip hop driven by jazzed out synth hooks, layered vocal cuts and boom-bap drum lines. With his intricate live set, How Green has supported artists by the likes of Mo kolours, fLako, Eric Lau, and more.

How Green‘s exuberant new EP, “Oh Verdure” is available on Avantroots Records now as a digital release, and Limited 15 cassette copies + 2 bonus tracks, with original numbered and signed artwork by Aphro.


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Selected Feedbacks

Angel Molina
Super nice mixture of down beat and experimental / glitch feel. Probably ‘Day wander’ my fav track at 1st listening, thanks!

Erik D Clark
Funnily enough I am not into downtempo unless it’s classic soul/soundtracks or straight up classical music as I am a classical pianist by training… This project however is enthralling and I like it ALL! start to finish; jolly good!

This is exactly what we call Avantroots, perfect from the first beat, thanks Jesse!

Rec Overflow
Muy buena pinta los previos que he oido, me gusta este rollo wonky elegante… lo pondré en mi radio. hugs!

Hirotaka Miyamoto
Excellent warm steps!

Björn Wilke
Very nice release – thanks a lot and keep up the good quality!

Mundane Days’ is my pick, awesome staff!

A lot of good tracks on this release. Mundane Days, The Romance, Day Wander and Wants are great. Thanks

Briliant tunes! Reminds me to J dilla, Madlib etc.. Fav. track is The romance.

Beautiful album, thank you!

Noah Pred
Another deep gem from Avant crew.




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Download Hi Quality Mp3 Album How Green - Oh Verdure