Mask 12″

  • Pulshar / Mask 12″
Abby (Federsen Remix)
Forever is not
Forever is not (Mathimidori Remix)

“They loop in your head forever: Pulshar are back. Since 2015 the way Pablo Bolivar and Sergio Sainz Vidal aka Aphro produce their music changed , as Sergio moved to New York and Pablo is living in Barcelona. As both know each-others heartbeat supremely, the results stay even in distance as deep as before.

For their latest EP “Mask” they arranged two tracks full of dark dusty sounds, haunting dub atmospheres and eerie vocals. A record, that somehow feels like their start back in 2007, when their first Mini-LP “Babylon Fall Collection” saw the light of the day to cause a global stir. And somehow the obstreperous nature of nature can be detected in their new music, too. A note, that is originated somehow in Sergio’s experiences during the devastating hurricanes in Puerto Rico in September 2017. The power of nature overwhelmed him deeply and he enrolled his emotions into a dusty flair that covers the two original tunes. He also video-taped the storms and used the footage for the video on “Abby”, the haunting main track of this release. In comparison, the second arrangement “Forever Is Not” grooves more laidback, serves a certain dense fourth-world-ambient spirit and spreads dubby conqueror notes.

Besides original material, the EP brings two remixes. One by San Francisco based electronic producer Federsen, who transforms “Abby” into a dub techno tune that circles in his very own psychedelic realm. The second edit comes from Mathimidori, also known as Mathias Kaden. The German DJ and producer injects “Forever Is Not” a funky bass line, that works catchy and functions as the roots for a feverish tripping dub techno seducer. Four tunes, four galaxies. They will work heavy on any top-notch sound system. And hunt even deeper when checked via a sensible headphone.”