Jawari w.Dactilar Remix Jawari w.Dactilar Remix

  • Kokong / Jawari w.Dactilar Remix
Interplanetary Glide Edit
Jawari (Dactilar Dub Edit)
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Jawari literally means “glimmering” or “jewel-like.” It is the term used in reference to a part of the sitar that produces the instrument’s characteristic timbre.

Inspired by their last trip to India, Ludvig Cimbrelius (Alveol) and Rasmus Alkestrand (Ito Oto), have reimagined the essence of this peculiar sound and applied it to their debut for Avantroots, “Kokong.”

These two Swedish producers take their self-styled cosmic awareness, and place it in the exotic landscape of a deep techno full of evocative sound, not abandoning big beats and ambient finesse. It’s impossible to not want to join in on the movement of this transit.

The four tracks are accompanied with Dactilar’s powerful remix of “Jawari,” adding the perfect amount of infectious dub to launch the track out onto the dance floor.


Selected Feedbacks

Nick Warren: Lovely deep techno, congrats gentleman fine work!
FoskyKensho and Dactilar for me. Great Ep, Thanks!
Sprinkles: Love everything Ludving does!
BaldoDactilar’s Dub perfect for my warm up sets! thanks
Andrey Pushkarev: Jawari (Dactilar Dub Edit) – Dactilar as always great!
Soukie & Windish: Nice ep, kind a exotic and you feel the india touch. we will try it for a podcast!
Diversions radio: Lovely laidback deep groovers
Each: Congrats! a really special release guys! very impressed! will play it a lot! 4 sure!
PiekLovely deep and warm release. Thatness is my favourite.
Piu Radio: Very elegant and suggestive. Thanks!
UrengaQualitiy deepness! The title song Jawari is my favorite and the remix of it. Specially like the cover art.
Pedro Blazquez: Electronica preciosista sin prisas para degustar mientras trabajas o viajas. Thanks




Download Hi Quality Mp3 EP/Single Kokong - Jawari w.Dactilar Remix