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  • Ian G. / Meet You at 10am
Through The Wind
About You
Thirty Five Echoes
You & Me
Thirty Five Echoes (Vidall Remix)
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Reminiscent of the Cantabrian landscape, where leading producers Edoc and Pheeltek reside, “Meet You At 10 AM” captivates the senses like the cold waters, deep valleys and rugged terrain of the northern coast. Of all the duo’s acclaimed productions, both solo and together, this work is probably the most accessible, making it the perfect piece to introduce Ian G.’s dark landscapes to new listeners. It descends from a brand of electronic music, mastered by the likes of Burial and Andy Stott, but it carries the torch in its own unique way.

Listening to MYAT10AM conjures up strong visuals: It could be the perfect soundtrack for the journey of the self as it goes into the belly of a thick forest to perform some ancient ritual. “Through the wind” sets this scene. It evokes the solitude of a gray day when mist kisses the skin and wind carries the smell of salt from the sea. Then you hear something: vocal loops charged with emotion cry out in “About You”. The mood shifts from bleary contemplation to a melody of haunting beauty. The tempo and rhythm builds and “Thirty Five Echoes” brings us right into the middle of the magic. Drums beat slowly and menacingly like the thud of an ancestral heartbeat, and so begins the ceremony. The final track, “You & Me” functions as the light after the darkness. The music is deep and grand and almost feels celebratory, like returning home with a new gift: a sound so dense you can almost reach out and touch it.

This EP is complete with a remix by Vidall (an alter-ego foray into dance production by Sergio Sainz / Aphro of Pulshar) that delivers a hypnotically groovy track, maintaining the high standard heard throughout the EP.

Text by Karissa Lang

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Download Hi Quality Mp3 EP/Single Ian G. - Meet You at 10am