Espectrum 1 12″

  • Various Artists / Espectrum 1 12″
Beat Pharmacy - Dusty trail
Mikkel Metal - Actress
Deepnaut - Jah Is My Driver
Pulshar - Summer Storm
Federsen - OZ

We are really proud and honored to present ESPECTRUM, a year-long effort to put together a compilation of the best dub techno. The idea was simple, but ambitious: ask some of our favorite artists for one track to epitomize dub techno—the style of music we’ve loved and continued to develop since our birth as producers and a label. With a very precise idea of what we wanted to collect, the compilation was carefully built with hypnotic, obscure, dense, and magical sounds with an eternal hook. These are the kind of tracks that will never lose their appeal, because they go above and beyond labels, styles, and trends, resisting the passage of time. After the first tracks starting coming in, the idea grew more and more special, and the concept even stronger. We knew we were onto something really big. And, finally, here it is.

Thanks to all of these great artists for their beautiful contributions to this great work.
Love and Respect,

In Volume 1, we’re taking you deep into the forest. Beat Pharmacy brings an eerie, dusty atmosphere that ushers you in from the very first second. You’ll enter, not knowing if there’s an exit, because honestly, you won’t care. And that’s because Mikkel Metal Actress is your guide now. After drinking his sonic potion you’ll be dancing with the clouds. I mean, really high. After achieving these great heights, Deepnaut will bring you back to earth, where time is irrelevant. Then in rolls a storm called Pulshar. But you’ll find a shelter where you can enjoy nature’s fury unharmed. The time has come to return to your present reality, but not until OZ offers you a ceremonial dance with all the Spirits of the Woods. You’ll feel good. Really good. And the best part is that you can come back anytime you want.

Karissa Lang.