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Tectonic Plates
Deep Sea Exploration
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One of dub-techno´s main features is the “time freezing” thrill, the one that gets us into an eternal loop without past or future. The hungarian producer Tamás Olejnik knows how it works; “Deep Sea Exploration”,  his second reference for Avantroots, has become his masterclass.

An album of which all five titles are the perfect guide throughout the whole journey. “Bioluminescence” introduces the dark landscapes. Then, “Tectonic Plates” and “Manta”  make us float and  wrap around subaquatic textures. “Plankton” is composed of up-and-down sound currents which peacefully swerve us from one side to the other. Concluded with “ Deep Sea Exploration”, a magnificent ending to our trip , just a new invitation to dive the seabeds once more.


Selected Feedbacks

Gabriel Le Mar
Lovely and deep ambient music! Plankton is my fav amongst these brilliant tracks – respect!

Dublicator is a gem of the dub electronic scene, always unique and quality.

Hd Substance
Been a fan of this guy since the netlabel days, really good work

Noah Pred
Gorgeous deep stuff as always from Avant Roots!

A release like this can only be published in avantroots. An excellent work… deep, delicated, dreamer, silky…Thanks a lot for this MUSIC!!!

Ibiza Sonica
Great release. full support on Sonica!

Diversions Radio
Deep and nuanced. yet propulsive and dancefloor friendly.

What a deep journey! Plankton and Tectonic Plates are my favourites.

Pedro Blazquez
Gracias por sintetizar las sensaciones en sonidos que podemos recrear una y otra vez a modo de terapia…Electrónica Curativa


Download Hi Quality Mp3 EP/Single Dublicator - Deep Sea Exploration