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The new generation of producers are fearlessly throwing themselves into assimilating all the musical data the internet has to offer. But sometimes this information overload can cause one to lose sight, wanting to do it all, resulting in a mash-up of disappointment.

In Adapt’s case (Christian del Moral, Ceuta, 1986), we stumbled upon an ambitious album that we had no choice but to surrender our ears to. The product is one of truly virtuosic labor, yet at the same time it’s fresh and unbiased. Atlantico is an encyclopedia, a record of electronics for the last 10 years, compiled by a musical brain that knows when to improvise and when to use its intuition. Dubstep, idm, garage, techno, r&b, vocal tracks—every ingredient is there for a recipe where one portion doesn’t prevail over the rest.

By all means, Atlantico proves to be one of the most exciting and necessary surprises to come out of electronic music in Spain today.



Selected Feedbacks


Pure quality, one of our favourite Creators!

Annie Hall
Totally sweet. Adapt is on point.

Una obra redonda! Hacia tiempo que no escuchaba un Lp entero tan rico en matices y creatividad. Felicidades por el sello.

Posiblemente uno de los trabajos mas bellos de este 2013!!

El Txef_A
Buenisimo!!! una pasada de bonito!

Riyaz Khan
well crafted release, dynamic & nuanced!

Espectacular de principio a fin.

Pedro Blanquez
Sorprendente y lleno de matices. Electrónica compleja que se agradece.

Sin palabras…del primero al ultimo, me encanta la delicadeza en todas las piezas, esto es una verdadera obra de arte.

Gabriel Le Mar
Excellent works – beautiful tunes and very well produced – i like the versatility of the whole album – big-ups! 



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Download Hi Quality Mp3 Album Adapt - Atlántico